NurseTasks Updates

NurseTasks Updates

NurseTasks continues to add new daily nurse users, help care for more patients, and keep track of important tasks.


  • 500+ nurse users
  • 1,500+ patients managed
  • 30,000+ tasks managed

Analytics Upgrade

To help empower nurses to improve their productivity and time-management skills, we've made some big improvements to our analytics page.

By providing these key metrics including trends, averages, and important ratios, we can allow nurses and nursing managers to better understand productivity using real-world data.

Typically staffing decisions are based on Hours Per Patient Day (HPPD) which does not account for the real world or real-time data analytics.  We hope to change that.

Rethinking Nursing Productivity Measurement: Real-Time Task Management Apps vs. Hours Per Patient Day Formula
In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, measuring nursing productivity is essential for ensuring quality patient care. Traditionally, the “hours per patient day” formula has been used to gauge nursing productivity, but it often falls short in providing an accurate and comprehensive picture. In con…

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